We are proud to have the following companies among our customers:

Jetaido is responsible for all technical aspects of the SES Intranet. We constantly work on maintaining and enhancing this vital application of internal information exchange.

We have been supporting Hannover-Re in technical issues concerning Intranet and Internet sites over many years now.

Lauerholz Stadtwald
This Ruby on Rails web app guides visitors through the Lauerholz wood. It offers various activities on a nature trail and contains some geolocation features.

OWAD for Business
This Ruby on Rails web app gives you a quiz for every workday and encourages you to learn Business English. It is currently available in German and Spanish.

Klare Kommunikation
A site that we have built in summer 2015 for Zoi Kathrin Güssow. It uses WordPress.

Koru Koaching
We built this site in Wordpress/Bootstrap and launched it in April 2014.

Ehrlich Friedrich Architekten
We have recently taken responsibility for the technical details of this site. Our first steps were updating the Joomla version and replacing the old table based layout. More improvements to come.

Günstige Intelligenz
A webapp in German language, built with Ruby on Rails 5, using Devise, Comfy and AWS. Günstige Intelligenz is the project of das NeZ UG.

Berliner Missionsbuchhandlung
The layout was designed by creative animals. We implemented the design in WordPress and relaunched the site.

The Sylvia Townsend Warner Society
Karina is member and honorary webmaster of the STWS. Jetaido funded the relaunch of the site in 2010 and has maintained it ever since. The layout is an early fluid one.

Nutzwertanalyse Online - An Application supporting decision making based on the Scoring Model
A project on our own account. Currently only available in German. Launched in 2016 this will become available in English as soon as we find the time.